Digital Literacy Self-Test Results -> BOO!!!!

Well…. that’s the internet for you. Nowadays, there’s just too much things to explore on the internet at just the click of a button it really just blows my mind about all the time I would have taken in order to read every single thing on the internet. Sometimes I just wish I could be a robot and just absorb every single information I see on the internet but let’s be honest here okay, we all probably see a lot everyday on the internet but at the end of the day, I think we probably absorb only about 30% minimum of everything, at least in my case.

So, prior to taking the self test as posted on the soton blog, I decided to google and search for another digital literacy test for me to try for the fun of it. I did pretty okay on the test and if you guys want to try it out too you guys can check it out by using the link below :

If you guys did the test do comment below and share your results! πŸ™‚

Anyway…. moving on to the point of this post :


Hope no one is sleeping by now reading my blog post!

Here are my results!

Accessing, managing and evaluating online information: 3 – I definitely know how to use google, use the information as shown, analyze and site in in my reports etc. But now that I really think about it… it seems to be the only thing I know how to do… *stress*

Participating in online communities: 2 – I do participate in online communities like on twitter and I LOVE USING TUMBLR. It’s a place where there’s a bunch of really funny people and no one really judges anyone there, you can totally be yourself and just share a bunch of awesome pictures together.

Building online networks around an area of interest: 1 – I never really have built an online network around an area of interest by myself, but would definitely join one! πŸ™‚

Collaborating with others: 3 – I can collaborate with people through social media, if this is what the test means.

Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video): 2 – Using powerpoint, paint *LOL* (not photoshop, that’s for the pros), or photography and video apps. I occasionally use the iMovie on my macbook to create a simple video when I want to.

Managing your online identity: 2– I don’t really manage my online identity that well as I guess I don’t see the need for it at the moment. Maybe in the future where I will need it more when I apply for a job etc. I do have an instagram and twitter account but recently deactivated my facebook account (just didn’t see a need for it).

Managing your online privacy and security: 2 – I definitely know the basics like I know it’s recommended to change your password like every 3 months or something like that or setting accounts private etc. but other than that, I would admit I’m rather clueless. :/

I would say I definitely know most of the basics, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert, or even at least fairly confident in it. Of course, I hope to improve all of this over the next 12 days and treat it as an ongoing learning process as the internet continues to grow old with me hehe. :p

Let’s see how my ending evaluation at the end of the module turns out….


References: Digital Literacy Survey. 2014. Digital Literacy Survey. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 26 November 2014].


2 thoughts on “Digital Literacy Self-Test Results -> BOO!!!!

  1. Hey Charmaine, i went to do the digital literacy survey that u posted. HAHA! I almost thought that was the one that all of us need to do and i went to check with some of our other classmates. Phew~
    Here are my results, i’m actually quite surprised that this is how they test digital literacy. Perhaps it’s a survey that has been put up long ago? Or rather it’s just testing the basic skills?

    My total confidence score was 77% but my test result is 92%. Love this post! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚


    • Hey Wen Hui!! Thanks for reading my post and actually trying out the survey!! That’s exactly what I felt about the test too! I did the easier one hehe. There’s others out there which are a lot harder than this that I gave up after a few questions xD! At least we did alright in this one πŸ™‚ Guess we still have a lot to learn! Jiayou! πŸ™‚

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