Reflection Section Collection! (Topic 1)

Hello there my dear reader! Please don’t laugh at my title  but I decided that I kind of needed to give reflections a “makeover” since I’ll be doing many reflections throughout the entire course and it would be a little mundane to keep naming it reflection just by itself. So, I decided to categorize my reflections under THE REFLECTION SECTION COLLECTION!

I’ll be reflecting on my previous post with the help of Yu Ting and Ling Zi, whom have both given me a much broader perspective of the topic with the help of their posts and after conversing with them through the comments!

I am really glad that Yu Ting shared the same view as me, in that digital residents and visitors need not be restricted to age, and that many of us despite growing up with technology at a young age need not be a resident as many of us merely use the internet as a tool for information and occasional browsing.

Ling Zi also brought up a good point in her post about gaming and the risks a digital resident may come across since they are more open about putting their information online as compared to visitors. I didn’t consider the risks involved at first but her post made me realize that a lot of us could actually be under a lot of risk of privacy issues and dangerous activities on the internet more than we realise. The growth of the internet has brought upon so many pros and cons by itself that there must be link between this and the pros and cons of being a resident and visitor itself. However, I do believe that despite the categorizing, none of the two are better than the other.

Yu Ting and I also discussed about employability of both digital residents and visitors, and both of us believe that in this digital age, many of our employers will definitely favour the digital residents, as a lot of our work and communication channels nowadays are all done online. Furthermore, as marketers, it’s all about engaging our customers, and what better way to engage an audience who grew up among social media or are in contact with social media everyday in their lives than to use social media itself?

All in all, I still stand by my belief that it’s all about moderation, and personally, I would still prefer remaining to be a visitor for the time being, but who knows, I might really step up my game and really go on to create my own youtube channel in the near future! 🙂

Happy TGIF guys!!! 🙂

P.S. What? The module is called ‘working on the web’ right?

xx, Charmaine


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