Charmaine Marn, marnmon or both?

Credits : privacymemes via Tumblr

Online identity is the same as our birthnames, except that it is something that we chose ourselves and is used to identity ourselves when we go online. As you can tell from the title, my online identity is marnmon, as it is the username that I go by online, including twitter and instagram.

Let’s first start with the pros and cons that I personally feel are present in having multiple online identities. I made this list after reading a few materials including blogger Ashley Robison’s a.k.a Ashe Michief on the internet.


-Some sense of privacy (anonymity)

-More freedom in expressing opinions which you may feel uncomfortable talking about  using your real identity

-Able to express your opinions in domains or groups where you don’t want your friends, family or more importantly, bosses to find.

-Ability to create a personality online which you do not wish to associate with your real identity.


-Online identity thefts?

-Confusion with online and offline identity?

-Growing out of an online identity – what next?

I feel that the main issue in having multiple online identities is privacy, and the prevalance of online identity thefts in today’s world.  When I was searching for the term online identity on google, online identity theft was the most recommended term. People are able to easily impersonate us and tarnish our reputation by simply posting nonsense about us on the internet. The thing about the internet is nothing is ever erased. Yeap, that’s right. The internet knows what you did last friday night.  We all heard of scandals and gossips on the internet and even on our social media and you have to admit – it really affects the way we may see someone thereafter.

I would like to share with you guys  Jeff Jarvis’s article as I liked how he mentioned that we should just be ourselves and be open-minded whilst on the internet. You can’t help but share information online because everyone else is doing it. So the most important issue here is to just share more of your identity to make others perceive you the way you want them to, while still being you.

Personally for me, I would rather have multiple identities. I feel that there is always a time and place for everything. We all need a little privacy where we can be completely ourselves without having to feel like we are going to lose our jobs the next minute because of it. The internet is intended to bring people together and that is what having an online identity does. Different online identities will bring different people together. I wouldn’t say it is deceiving anyone if I were to have two identities and as Jeff Jarvis’s mentioned : stay open-minded.

P.S. You guys can check out your digital footprint by using the digital footprint calculator here. Mine was 1,831 megabytes! Comment down below yours!

Charmaine 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Charmaine Marn, marnmon or both?

  1. Hi Charmaine!
    It was nice reading your post, thanks for sharing Jeff Jarvis’s article! The part on “Our identities are the first-person expressions of ourselves. Our reputations are others’ third-person views of us. Thanks to our increasing publicness, the two are coming closer and sometimes into conflict. ” hit me because i find it SO true! We often forget that reputation and identity are two separate things so i’m feeling that it’s the reason why people move towards having multiple online identities as more people share their life online because they want people to think that their lives are as interesting as everyone else’s. Do you think so?

    I agree with you on the preference of having different identities however depending on situations, if it’s in a platform that would potentially spoil your image in real life, the alternate identity could be used. When would be the time where you would use another identity and not your “reputable” one?


    • Hi Sherdale!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post!! 🙂 I do agree too that publicness has really intertwined our reputation together with our identities as compared to the past as many people will often judge you based on perhaps the kind of photos you post on instagram, or the posts that you may post on your twitter or wordpress account. I feel that because of this, people are becoming more judgmental as compared to before and a lot of us, (including myself) tend to be envious of others who seem to have “better lives” than us. I always have to tell myself that it is not all that it seems, and that both online and offline identities may sometimes be two completely different things. However, I do not see it as a bad thing as the invention of instagram and Youtube (just to name a few) has really opened my eyes to a lot of things in the world which I otherwise might never get to experience. It feels good to see your friends, loved ones or even celebrities being happy and enjoying themselves. Some might want others to be “envious” of them, but I believe that there are definitely those who just want to genuinely share their happy moments with others, hoping that it might also motivate or make others happy as well! 🙂

      Personally, I would probably use my other identity when I want to join forums or groups where I do not wish to associate with my real life. In the past, I used to play a lot of games and I never ever revealed my real name to anyone, not even to those whom I have become close to online. I just felt that it kept things safer that way and I only started telling others my real name only when I started becoming more comfortable with sharing and felt that it was time to do so. I had a bad experience once though, where I met a “friend” in a game and we decided to exchange emails and he turned out to be a internet pervert. He started spamming me with weird emails and I immediately deleted the account and had such a huge phobia after that that I was “email-less” for the next few months! 😦

      Hope I answered your questions!


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  2. Hi Charmaine!

    Great post! I agree that privacy intrusion is a huge area of concern with regards to our online personal accounts and the information that is stored in it. Brings me back to topic 1. That’s the reason why I would rather be a digital visitor. It is a question of motivation and values really – and I just not comfortable putting up so much personal information of myself on the net. You mentioned on an important point, i.e. our electronic tracks on the internet are never erased or ever removed. Thus, you are right that we should be cautious, mindful and responsible for what we say or do online. I strongly feel that online identity should go hand in hand with accountability and integrity. Thus, I feel that websites should remove the layer of anonymity (unless when discussing sensitive topics) and I reckon that people would behave normally as they would in a real life context.


    • Hi Benjamin!!

      Thank you so much for reading my post (again)!! Hehe

      I do agree that we should be ever cautious with whatever we do on the internet as karma will always turn around and bite you back twice as hard! However, I do feel that anonymity will not be removed anytime soon as people can always fake their names and other information. I feel that the mean people of the internet will still try to find a way to bully people on the internet. Makes me really angry at times but I believe that the next step is to educate everyone to ignore the haters (as I posted on my reflection post!) I too have been talked about on someone’s social media before and I know how it feels like to be a victim of cyber-bullying. Some people, despite having their real identities being used to show hate, are absolutely okay with it! What do we do then? We should still stay true to ourselves! There will always be people who love you, but also those who dislike you at the same time!



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