Reflection Section Collection!! (Topic 2)


Credits: Troll Face via Wikia

Everyday is a day to learn something new. For topic 2, I was able to gain new insights into having multiple online identities with the help of Zoe and Sherdale.  Both of them talked about the importance of privacy, which was what I believed was one of the major issues in having multiple online identities.  Zoe felt that multiple online identities does not make someone ‘fake’, but perhaps ‘adaptable’ to his/her environment, which I felt to be very true, especially in today’s society. Many of us have to adapt in order to ‘fit in’, but it doesn’t make us pretentious in any way. We just learn to be more flexible in different situations. Sherdale also added the benefits of having a single identity in the case of promotions and career opportunities in where it is critical to have a single online identity where people can easily identify you with, instead of the confusion of multiple online identities.

In addition to that, both of them actually mentioned about the misuse of multiple online identities and cyber-bullying. I am strongly against cyber-bullying and “trolls” on the internet as I always felt like what they do is very uncalled for. They seem to enjoy putting people down as being able to stay anonymous lets them get away with it. Despite this, I feel that even if steps were taken to control cyber-bullying and “trolls”,  they will always be there. Instead, we should start teaching ourselves to ignore the haters as haters gonna hate.


Credits: via Knowyourmeme

I still do stick to my initial view that having multiple online identities is the way to go for me. Unless I am going to have a professional career in blogging, or Youtube, I probably will choose to have multiple online identities if I were to decide to join a group or just choose to remain anonymous online. I do enjoy my privacy and I plan to continue enjoying it until the day that it will probably cease to exist – it may not even exist anymore. (Sherdale pointed out the fact that even being on incognito mode, the records of your information may still be kept in the system!) I found that to be really worrying as we can’t seem to trust anyone on the internet nowadays! Not even our best friend Google anymore! 😦

P.S. Pardon the wide usage of memes in my posts. To me, they represent points better than any other picture.



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