Reflection Section Collection!! (Topic 4)

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Yet another topic down. With every topic, there is much to learn, and this is what I have learnt from my classmates Daphne and Yu Ting.

Daphne talked about a teacher Krista Hodges who complained about her students on twitter using the words “hate” and “ugly”. She was not fired and simply deleted all of her social media accounts. Social media allows the “humiliation” of people without any dire consequences for the culprit which is why such ethical issues exist.  Always think about whether you will still say the same thing a year from now if you now know the consequences?

On the other hand, Yu Ting mentioned about “social listening” and privacy and how it affects us as consumers. She showed an example of Instagram’s terms & conditions which states that they are actually allowed use our pictures! Since many of us do not read and simply skip the terms and conditions, including myself, it is no surprise that I would find this to be a shock.Do we really know what we are signing up for when we decide to enter any particular social media platform? Are we leading ourselves into things that we will regret later on? She also mentioned about Wickr, a new app which is exactly like Whatsapp, but except that the company promises that all information shared will be private. *skeptical face*

But the bottom line is, if we actually piece all this information together, we understand that the root of the problem is still ultimately – us. We have the power to control what we agree to (no one is forcing us), We have the power to decide what we want to put on the internet, We have the knowledge to judge what is ethical or not and most importantly, We have the ultimate responsibility as users of the internet.

As discussed with Daphne, she feels that exact standards and guidelines is hard to establish right now as cultural norms in different countries might be in conflict. However, the best way to me is still to learn how to keep nasty comments and very personal information to ourselves if we want to avoid trouble.




Addicting Info. 2014. Worst Teacher Ever Constantly Tweets About Killing Students, But Is Keeping Her Job . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 December 14].


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