Reflection Section Collection!! (Topic 5)

A. Muruganantham Photo:M. Periasamy

Credits: A man in a woman’s world Photo:M. Periasamy

Today’s reflection will be talking about the works of Anna (from #UOSM2033) and Isaac. Both of them gave 2 very good examples which helped me to gain new perspectives of the advantages and disadvantages of open access.

Firstly, Anna mentioned about the app Spotify, which is an app that I personally use every single day. She mentioned about Spotify diminishising the problems of piracy and how it helped artists such as Lorde to gain exposure to listeners and which aided her in her journey as the successful artist that she is now. Thus, it brought a new perspective to me that open access not only benefits us in terms of educational purposes, but that it could also be a way forward in terms of the entertainment that we get to enjoy, as well as how it can affect the careers of many artists as well.

I like how Isaac mentioned about VICE news, an example of a company which is able to still profit and gain popularity at the same time despite it being open access. They make use of the loss-leader strategy in order to continue keeping their popular channels content free for all. Thus, there are solutions out there which can help minimize the profit problem of open access. Of course, with every solutions come limitations.

In conclusion, I learnt that there may be a way to go around open access in the future.

The happiness gained from sharing and helping many others, even if just 1, is priceless. A role model that I really look up to is Arunachalam Muruganantham, who invented a simple machine to manufacture sanitary pads for the women in rural communities in order for them to afford it and also manufacture it themselves. He allowed others to use his designs for the machine instead of patenting it and thus saved the pain of urinary tract infections for millions of women in India.

Oh well! Guess it’s time to say ADIOS! It’s the end…..

or is it?




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