I’m going to the land of neverending learning!

This is my own personal journey through the past 2 weeks learning how to live and work on the web.

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Let us backtrack to 2 weeks ago, where I did a digital literacy test and wrote a blog post all about it. Well… let’s see how much has changed ever since:

Rating (Start) Comments Rating (End) Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information 3 -Able to use google to look for information 4 -Able to compare information from various sites and sieve out which information is important
Participating in online communities 2 -Uses Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr 4 -More active on wordpress and twitter

-Participating by using hashtags

-Creating tweets to draw others to my blog

Building online networks around an area of interest 1 -Never done so 2 -Still have not created one but is able to use hashtags to find networks (e.g. #marketing)
Collaborating with others 3 -Able to communicate with mainly friends through social media 4 -Able to collaborate with students from the UK despite the physical barriers by using Twitter hashtags (#MANG2049 and #UOSM2033)
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) 2 -Only knows the basics 3 -Knows how to reference materials properly online, including videos from Youtube.

-Discovered Powtoon, Prezi etc.

Managing your online identity 2 -Does not manage at all

-Finds no reason to do so

4 -Knows the pros and cons between having single vs. multiple online identities

-Managing to link my social media links together

Managing your online privacy and security 2 -Only knows basic privacy settings 3 -Knows more about privacy and it’s issues/ does not take it for granted as previously.

-Knows the importance of making full use of privacy controls.

I have improved by at least a point for all areas of my digital literacy! However, I still need to work on building my networks and I aim to start by following people whom are influential in the marketing industry. (e.g. @TedRubin)

These are 5 keypoints as a reminder to myself in the future and in helping me to build my online professional profile:

1. Going digital is a continuous learning process. Going forward, those who do not keep up will be at a disadvantage in terms of employability.

2. Keep a CONSISTENT online identity.

3. Connect.Update.Add value. I still stand strong to this catchphrase as the must-dos of having an online professional profile.

4. Be authentic. Be audacious. Don’t be so shy anymore Charmaine!

5. It is all up to me. What I choose to put on the internet and what I do will affect me in the long run. Remember this!

Some goals that I wish to achieve would be to have a online professional profile that I can be proud of by the end of my degree, which is in 2016. I would like to start reviewing my LinkedIn profile every 3 months from now on to add in any new information. This will also motivate me to get my b*tt off and do something new and to challenge myself!

Lastly, kudos to all my Soton classmates for being able to consistently post on their blogs while having such substantial content!  *time management on point* I like how I was able to communicate with some of my classmates which I have not spoken to before! I will definitely be using the critical skills I have learnt to help me dig deeper in my future modules.

Special big thanks to Lisa and Olja for helping me through the module! 🙂



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